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iZotope RX3


iZotope has released RX3.

RX 3 Advanced Key Features:

  • Remove or reduce reverb from audio using the new Dereverb module.
  • Clean up dialogue in real time with the new Dialogue Denoiser.
  • Monitor your audio and loudness compliance using Insight, iZotope?s comprehensive metering suite, now included with RX 3 Advanced.
  • Advanced features and settings for Declip, Declick, Time and Pitch, Channel Operations and more.

Updates in RX 3:

  • Work “up to six times faster” in the RX 3 stand-alone application, using RX 3′s intelligent DSP and optimized multicore processing
  • Time-saving features include a completely redesigned user interface, the new RX Document format and multi-file workflow
  • Addition of audio recording and monitoring, SRC sample rate conversion, waveform statistics, and more
  • Overall enhancements to Denoise and Declip modules, parametric EQ, drawing and selection tools, MBIT+ dither, and more

More at iZotope.

(via synthopia)

One comment on “iZotope RX3

  1. Ian Rawes
    September 16, 2013

    Izotope RX2 makes for a great first-look/listen application for field recordists. Once you get into the habit of opening a recording up in spectrogram view, then you go back to amplitude envelopes with reluctance. If Izotope had a half-decent set of editing functions then it’d be very useful indeed.

    Once again, there are tantalising features reserved for the Advanced version, but not sure if I’ll be forking out the extra money for them.

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