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Fantastic post by Tim Prebble about a field recording trip he had at PNG (Papua New Guinea).

Well it was a field recording trip that was equals parts inspiring & exhausting! By the end of the week I had recorded total data of:

744 24 bit 96kHz 4 channel audio = 70.74GB
722 24 bit 96kH 2 channel audio = 30.5GB
Canon 7D photos = 833MB
Canon s95 video & stills = 11.44GB

But please bear in mind most of the recordings from the trip I cannot post due to them being specific to the film I’m working on – the sounds I have posted below were recorded in my own free time….
To hear the remainder, you’ll just have to wait until the film is released!

Read/Listen at musicofsound

One comment on “PNG

  1. Cameron
    January 16, 2013

    Wow, wonderful! I’d love to ask which film you were working on but I can understand if you can’t say 😛

    I’d definitely love to see some of the video and photo especially if it shows your setup and gear in action!

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